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Modern Greek summer course Chios 2012

Modern Greek summer course Chios 2012A selection of photos from the second year of the school in Chios in 2012. We thank all our friends and students who kindly contributed for this photographic album. In particular, we would like to thank for their pictures Linda Nikolaides, Nathalie Avraam, Laura Martinelli, Giuseppe Cerreti, Gabriella Delvecchio, Christian Baglin, Jorie Soltic. Special thanks to Sarah Martini for her artistic and professional photos she took and to the painters Mary Oikonomou and Marie-France Baglin for their wonderful paintings.


Chios Mastello cheese
Chios graduation
Chios stin igia mas
Chios dance
Chios Kampos Voulamandis House
Chios Komi beach
Chios Mavra Volia
Chios Pyrgi
Chios during classes
Chios Myrsinidi beach
Chios kampos
Chios Vroulidia Beach
Chios Mesta
Chios Kampos
Chios - sand and stones
Chios ouzo
Chios - Volissos
Chios during classes
Chios Kampos
Chios Nea Moni
Chios Daskalopetra
Chios Agia Dynami
Chios Elinda Beach
Chios olive tree
Chios during classes
Chios We Learn Greek
A watercolour painting by Marie-France Baglin.