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The Alexandria Institute and our vision

The Alexandria Institute organizes Greek language and culture courses in Andros, ParosChios, Methoni, Lesvos and Athens as well as on-line lessons via Skype. The Institute’s work involves promoting Greek cultural heritage and conservation, as well as participating in digitisation and documentation projects. As a group of young researchers, we share a passion for humanities and thus our aim is to pour all our energy into researching, studying and promoting the Greek language and culture, and philological, historical and archaeological research.

Alexandria: Our symbol and source of inspiration

The fascinating city of Alexandria, with its famous library and museum, was humanity’s first scientific and philological centre. Alexandria is the place where the discipline of philology was born and where arts such as literature, and science, including astronomy, were cultivated. The city’s preeminence during the Hellenistic period made Greek language become a universal language; it was the common language (Koine) of the majority of inhabitants of the known world at that time. Besides its role as a means of communication, the Greek language held important functions as a means of artistic expression and for the dissemination of scientific material. For these reasons, the city of Alexandria represents the Institute’s source of inspiration in our attempts to develop humanistic studies and promote the Greek language. The city is also the symbol of the freedom of research and universal access to knowledge.

About us

The President of the Alexandria Institute, Andreas Tselikas, is a teacher of ancient and modern Greek, and has taught students from all over the world. He has been involved in programs related to cultural heritage and conservation for several years. An important part of his work is his participation in several digitisation and documentation projects of ancient and medieval manuscripts and of archive material. He is also the author of the Facebook page “We Learn Greek”, which brings together thousands of students and friends of the Greek language from all over the world. The friends, collaborators, and members of the Institute Ioannis Papapostolou, Mary Oikonomou, Alberto Urcia (Yale University), Despina Tselikas, Emmi Ampartzakis, Irini Dioti, Laura Martinelli, Katrin Colorm, among others, share their passion and enthusiasm for the Greek language and culture. Each of them provides a valued contribution to the Institute and its development.

Our courses

The Alexandria Institute organizes Greek language and culture courses in Andros, Paros, Chios, Methoni, Lesvos and Athens as well as on-line lessons via Skype. The Institute also organizes courses in Greek language and culture upon request other locations in Greece. These courses provide the students with a complete cultural experience, which integrates learning, travel and culture.

Our students

Our courses are open to anybody. All people who love the Greek language and culture are welcome, regardless of age, nationality, job or education. Every year people from all over the world, with different interests and experiences, embark on their own unique experience at the Alexandria Institute. We are grateful to them for their participation, and to whoever supports Greece in these difficult times.

Our teachers

Our teachers are all native Greek speakers who have graduated in philology, are qualified and have experience of teaching Greek as a foreign language; their great enthusiasm for their work is passed on to their students. They are available after the lessons to chat with their students about topics of interest, and to guide them and help them discover beauty and charm of the places they are visiting.

Why choose our courses?

Our lessons involve activities which facilitate the learning and improvement of all the components of a language, particularly, producing and comprehending written and oral speech. Informative visits to historical and archaeological sites, to museums and places of incomparable beauty are an integral part of this unique experience. In addition, the contact with local people, tasting and discovering new flavors and fragrances, the participation in various cultural events, such as concerts, theatre and other festivals allow our students to increase their knowledge of Greece. Together with our students, we discover the unique natural beauty of Greece; we live the myth, the history and the nature of our culture. We are happy to see our students returning home with a smile, satisfied with an experience which has been both enjoyable and stimulating.

A journey into the Greek language

Knowledge of the language, history and culture of a country is what distinguishes a real traveler from just a tourist. The experience of learning and travelling which the Alexandria Institute offers allows us among other things, to touch the roots of Western civilization with our own hands.